Counselor In Training


The goal of our Teen Programs is to offer better options for young individuals looking to use their summer for personal growth. We understand there are teens looking to do more than just hang out all summer long. We are targeting individuals looking to advance themselves in community service and stand out among fellow students during future endeavors. We have developed two unique programs to offer teens for an exclusive summer experience.

DISCLAIMER: Please note, participation in any of the teen programs does NOT guarantee your child a position as a camp counselor at Allaire Country Day Summer Camp in the future. At Allaire Country Day Camp we pride ourselves on offering the best recreational programming while being supervised by experienced, mature and qualified staff. In order to do this, we screen all applicants and hire based on experience, maturity, personality and other traits we expect our staff to possess. While majority of our staff are teachers and college students, there are limited spots available for young applicants.

CIT Program


The goal of the Counselor-in-Training program is to provide teens advanced hands-on experience in a work environment. These individuals will be guided by hard-working and enthusiastic counselors to develop the skills needed to be an exceptional camp counselor. CITS will work alongside campers of all ages and will engage those children in summer day camp activities. CITS will gain impressive real-life experience that will stand out on resumes and college applications. Don’t worry, there will still be time for extra fun and adventure on the various field trips included.


  • CITS will work alongside campers and engage children in summer day camp activities
  • CITS will learn proper child care skills and techniques
  • CITS will work in small groups with an experienced supervisor as a mentor
  • CITS will attend weekly meetings and training sessions to constantly learn and grow
  • CITS will be given weekly reports to track their progress and goals to achieve
  • CITS will be trained in CPR and basic First Aid to help in future opportunities of coaching, babysitting and other child care opportunities
  • CITS will attend 1 field trip per week. Trips will be announced at a later date.
  • CITs will have the potential to work the last 2 weeks of camp as a paid employee if CIT demonstrates outstanding leadership qualities and work ethic during this program.

$1,000 – four weeks
$1,200 – five weeks
$1,400 – six weeks
Fee includes 1 field trip per week and CPR/First Aid certification class.
*CIT’s MUST attend a minimum of 4 weeks.
*No discounts will be applied to this program. Dates cannot be altered. No credits for missed days.


  • CIT program will be offered for 4-6 weeks from July 8th – August 16th. (Choose your weeks!)
  • CITS are expected to be at camp Monday through Friday from 8:45am-4:15pm.
  • CITS must wear their given t-shirts every day to camp, provided by Allaire Country Day.
  • Spots are limited. Only accepting 12 applicants. ALL applicants will be interviewed.


  • Applicants must complete the corresponding application and questionnaire.
  • Applicants MUST obtain 2 reference letters from either teachers, coaches, advisors, community leaders, etc. (References from relatives will NOT be accepted)
  • Once application is submitted, an interview will be scheduled.
    *Remember, dress to impress!