Persons that have a fever of 100.4° or above or other signs of COVID-19 illness such as shortness of breath, excessive coughing or runny nose are NOT allowed to be admitted to the camp.

In order to effectuate this policy, we have instituted following protocols:

  • Campers and staff will be screened for fever or signs of COVID-19 illness at our designated areas prior to permitting children to enter the facility or participate in camp programming
  • Daily health surveillance screening for campers/staff must be conducted and results documented when signs and symptoms of illness are observed.
  • Campers exhibiting signs and symptoms of COVID-19 will be isolated to our designated COVID isolation area


Face coverings and gloves

  • All parents and guardians must wear a mask or a face covering for drop off and pick up
  • Campers are not required to wear a mask as we will be practicing social distancing. If you would like your child to wear a mask, please notify our staff. We encourage campers to bring a mask in their camp bag in case of emergency.
  • Staff will perform proper hand washing and wear gloves when handling or serving food to campers

Camp Group Structure:

  • Camp groups will be broken up by grade. Each grade will have subgroups to keep the groups within the guidelines. Please understand, with our flexible scheduling, your child’s group may change. We will do our best to keep children with similar schedules together. We will make adjustments as needed.
  • Camp groups adhere to the staff to camper ratio set forth by DOH for COVID-19 camp reopening

Camp Activities:

  • Rotating schedules adjusted for more outdoor time.
  • Sports/Games/Activities will be adjusted to help keep campers spread out to the best of our ability
  • Off-site trips will be added pending changes to the guidelines


  • Several hand sanitizers stations have been placed in numerous areas around the camp and campers/staff will be instructed to utilize hand sanitizer stations & hand washing areas frequently
  • Servpro will be regularly sanitizing and disinfecting our facility
  • Routine daily cleaning, including common surfaces and equipment, by designated staff
  • Industrial fans have been installed fans indoor fields to assist with airflow
  • Signs delineating 6 feet for social distancing and frequent hand washing have been posted